The following are the list of methods currently supported by mrsimulator as a part of the mrsimulator.methods module. To import a method, for example the BlochDecaySpectrum, used

>>> from mrsimulator.methods import BlochDecaySpectrum

All methods categorize into two groups, generic and specialized methods. A generic method is general and is based on the number of spectral dimensions. At present, there are two generic methods, Method1D and Method2D. All specialized methods are derived from their respective generic method objects. The purpose of the specialized methods is to facilitate user ease when setting up some commonly used methods, such as the MQMAS, STMAS, PASS, MAT, etc.


Generic methods


A generic one-dimensional spectrum method.


A generic two-dimensional correlation spectrum method.

Specialized 1D methods


A one-dimensional Bloch decay spectrum method.


A one-dimensional central transition selective Bloch decay spectrum method.

Specialized 2D methods

ThreeQ_VAS(*[, property_units, name, label, ...])

Simulate a sheared and scaled 3Q 2D variable-angle spinning spectrum.

FiveQ_VAS(*[, property_units, name, label, ...])

Simulate a sheared and scaled 5Q variable-angle spinning spectrum.

SevenQ_VAS(*[, property_units, name, label, ...])

Simulate a sheared and scaled 7Q variable-angle spinning spectrum.

ST1_VAS(*[, property_units, name, label, ...])

Simulate a sheared and scaled inner satellite and central transition correlation spectrum.

ST2_VAS(*[, property_units, name, label, ...])

Simulate a sheared and scaled second to inner satellite and central transition correlation spectrum.

SSB2D(*[, property_units, name, label, ...])

Simulating a sheared 2D finite to infinite speed MAS correlation spectum.