class mrsimulator.simulator.Sites(data=[])

Bases: AbstractList

A list of unique Site objects within a simulator object.


Append a list item

clear() None -- remove all items from S
count(value) integer -- return number of occurrences of value

S.extend(iterable) – extend sequence by appending elements from the iterable

index(value[, start[, stop]]) integer -- return first index of value.

Raises ValueError if the value is not present.

Supporting start and stop arguments is optional, but recommended.

insert(index, item)

Insert a list item

pop([index]) item -- remove and return item at index (default last).

Raise IndexError if list is empty or index is out of range.


S.remove(value) – remove first occurrence of value. Raise ValueError if the value is not present.


S.reverse() – reverse IN PLACE


Return sites as a pandas dataframe.